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5 Apr    Mutual Fund

We’re not mind readers, but our guess is that you clicked here looking for answers to two main questions:

Q: Are mutual funds a good investment?

A: Yes it is read earlier post related to Mutual Fund.

Q: Which ones should I pick? Or How to select a Mutual Fund?

Without mincing words, here is our answer:

A: The ones that consistently outperform all the others.

We’re not trying to be cheeky. (OK, you caught us, we are.) It’s just that the world of mutual fund performance is more complex than any other offer. There are lots of mutual funds from which to choose. And there’s no shortage of bold-faced statements touting them. Advertisements in newspapers flaunt a fund’s “five-star” status. Banner ads brag about “the NUMBER ONE FUND” while commercials hype “top returns over the last six months.”

The sad fact is that the vast majority of mutual funds underperform the average return of the stock market. Some simply pick bad stocks. Others pick stocks fairly well, but not well enough to compensate for the costs of the fund. But there are many of funds out there that have done really, really well. But which one going to do well in future as per your need depends on various factors.


Buried Cost



Past Performance

Sector Specific

Schemes specific (Small Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap)


What? You want bold type on a blinking banner to make sure you’re making the right investment?

So you have come to the right place we not only suggest Mutual Funds as per your need, we also provide each and every report of your investment so that you can see the performance any time any where with your login access provided by us.

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