How to get duplicate Mutual Fund Documents SOA (Statement of Account)

5 Apr    Mutual Fund

If original Mutual Fund documents are lost how you will get the new?

The Asset Management Companies (AMC) where investments are made issue the duplicate mutual funds statement on request of the investor or the advisor/ distributor.

The AMC or Mutual Fund company never give the account statement to anybody other then the investor or the distributor. In case if you lost your records by any way you can go to AMC or registrar office and ask for the same

What they required to issue a Duplicate Account Statement

–          May be for verification they will ask about your personnel information or bank details that you have given at the time of investment.

–          May ask you about your Investment Folio No. / Account No.

–          Thay may ask about your PAN card number.

–          They don’t charge any fees for the same.

–          You will get in Hard Copy only if your Email id is not registered.

–          If you have registered your Email Id then you can ask for Hard as well for Soft Copy.

No doubt you have to go to each and every Mutual Fund office independently to get back all your investment details.

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