Credit Information Report (CIR), process

Cr score on net, how?

How disciplined and prudent you are in using your credit lines is what a credit score reflects. Your past use and repayment of loans and credit card dues is the basis on which your credit history is formed. Expressed in figures, it is called a credit score. The better your credit score the fewer the chances of your loan application getting rejected. Lenders have now begun taking notice of the credit score while considering a loan request. In the days to come, lenders will increasingly depend upon your credit score to determine your loan eligibility, credit limit and interest rate. So it makes sense to be aware of your credit history and score and keep it good. This awareness also gives you an opportunity to improve your score in the future if it is low. We tell you how to obtain your credit score online.

Online delivery. Earlier, Cibil was offering credit scores and credit histories only through courier, which took 2-3 weeks. Cibil has now come up with an online delivery mechanism. You have to fill up a request form, authenticate yourself and pay the fees, all online, and you will get the score online within seven working days.

Keep records ready. The online authentication process asks you questions related to previous loans and credit cards. For example, it may ask you about the credit limit on your first loan, or who was your loan/credit card provider. Before applying for your online credit scores, ensure that you have all past loan- and credit-card-related details with you so that you do not have any difficulty in the online authentication process. You also need to keep ready a scanned copy of your ID and address proof to attach with your online request, if required.

Online delivery only for credit score. The online delivery facility is only for credit scores, which, by default, also comes up with a detailed credit information report (CIR). Cibil charges `450 for the credit score and CIR. But if you are looking only for the CIR, which Cibil offers for `142, do note that it is only delivered by courier.

Resolve disputes online. Cibil has also started an online credit report dispute-resolution facility. So, if you find any error, check this dispute-resolution facility online, whether it includes your complaint category to be resolved online. If it does so, register your dispute online. If there is any error on Cibil’s part, they will rectify it on their own. However, if it relates to the credit granter, they will coordinate with the lender and rectify your data after its validation.



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