The day when I first time worried about my future.

5 Apr    My First

Have you face the day in which you really worried about the future, how you are going to survive,have you ever think like,  how I am going to live in this society, how I am going to meet the Standard of living in which I am living right now or I have to compromise in those last years of my life these and many questions do come in mind of each and every bread earner of the family and the thing which worried the most is Retirement, if the current annual household budget is increasing at the rate of more then 10% then what happen at the time when I am going to retire.

Now let’s look at some of the daily used items

Cost of Living
Items 1997 (Rs.) 2017 (Rs.)
Colgate Tooth Paste (100 gm) 18.90 104.00
Hamam Soap 7.85 52.00
Masal Dosa 14.00 224.00
Petrol (per litre) 25.48 259.12
LPG Cylinder 140.00 830.00
Zodiac Men’s Shirt 510.00 2620.00
Assuming Inflation to grow at the same rate during 1987-97-07-17

Also at the same time the families of four members having a middle school going kids have to bear the monthly expenses of Rs.25000 in metro, so if we consider the inflation @10% then after 20 years to maintain the same standard of living one have to bear the total expenses of around 70000/- per month on his family. Seriously the cause to worry upon.

The Meeting of two first salary collogues

Rahul and Vinod together joined a Mumbai-based firm. Fresh out of college, and aspired to conquer the world. Finally the D-day came when the first salary got credited into bank accounts. Both were very happy but they kept secret of what they did of first salaries. As time passed by, Rahul got a job in Singapore and left the organisation. In due course, Vinod got an good opportunity in media. And eventually, they meet in Delhi after 15 years. All old memories started revisiting. Rahul asked Vinod as to what he had done with his first pay. He took it as an opportunity to flaunt his wisdom. He told him that he baought a good pair of shirts and trousers sent some to home and balance saved in Saving Account, he said, smiling intelligently. Rahul threw a very dry look at Vinod as if he was a fool. Little conscious, Vinod asked him the same question. He paused for a while.

“Tell me. Tell me yaar, what is there to hide,” Vinod said, he thought Rahul must have invested into stocks and lost the money altogether. Breaking the silence, he said, “I bought a retirement plan and some Mutual Fund and invested half of my salary into that.” He added that during those 15 years, his retirement corpus had grown to 75 lakh. He is just 38, will work for another 22 years. It silenced Vinod completely. Vinod is a year older to him and yet not planned for his retirement. Retirement is a long term planning, needs a small amount to start with.

If you are having the same conditions like Vinod then it is the cause to have the real worry. It is suggested to do investments for retirement from your first salary itself, and if not yet start investing for the same then start immediately, because any time is the good time when you start your investment systematically.

Investing a little every month makes for a better future!

All of us want to put aside some money for the future. Investing that money is far better than merely saving it. But invariably, we fail to set aside enough money to invest. So we don’t invest at all.

But what if we invest small amounts every month, rather than wait for a large amount to arrive? The good news is you can do exactly this, with a Systematic Investment Plan or SIP.

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