Tax Saving Bonds – IDFC Infra Bonds – Tranche 3

19 Mar    New Offering

Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited- Infra Bond Tranche 3

ISSUE OPEN FROM MAR 19, 2012 TO MAR 30, 2012

  • Issuer – Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited
  • Rating – “(ICRA)AAA” from ICRA and “Fitch AAA( ind )” from Fitch
  • Issuance – Dematerialized form or Physical form as specified by the applicant in Application form herein.
  • Trading  –  Dematerialized form only following expiry of the Lock-in Period
  • Listing –   NSE and BSE
  • Depository  –  NSDL  & CDSL

Investment Details:

Tranche 3 Bonds Series


Frequency of Interest payment



Face value & Issue Price ( Rs / Tranche 3 bond )  

Rs 5000/-

Rs 5000/-

Minimun Application

Two (2) Tranche 3 Bonds and in multiples of one (1) Tranche 3 Bond thereafter.

For the purpose fulfilling the requirement of minimum subscription of two (2) Tranche 3 Bonds, an Applicant may choose to apply for two (2) Tranche 3 Bonds of the same series or two (2) Tranche 3 Bonds across different series.

Buyback Facility



Buyback Date Date falling five years and one day from the Deemed Date of Allotment

Buyback Amount per Tranche 3 Bond

Rs 5,000/-

Rs 7,495/-

Buyback Intimation Period

The period beginning not before nine months prior to the Buyback Date and ending not later  than six months prior to the Buyback Date

Maturity Date 10 years from the Deemed Date of Allotment
Interest Rate 8.43% p.a NA
Maturity Amount per Tranche 3 Bond Rs 5,000/- Rs 11,230/-
Yield on Maturity 8.43 % 8.43%  compounded annually
Yield on Buyback 8.43 % 8.43%  compounded annually

Investors to benefit from 80 CCF Benefits:

  • The Bonds are classified as “long term infrastructure bonds” and are being issued in terms of section 80 CCF of the Income Tax Act.
  • Bonds offer an additional window of tax deduction of investments of up to Rs 20,000.
  • The deduction is over and above the Rs 1,00,000 deduction available under section 80C, 80CCC & 80CCD read with section 80CCE

For More Details click below:

To download form click here

Important: You must write application number before submitting the application, click here for application number

Note: Please keep the photo copy of duly filled application form with you for your records, in case you did not receive the information about allotment in 45 days then you can contact at, please keep the
Acknowledge Slip with you.

To know more about Section 80CCF Infrastructure Tax Saving Bond click here.

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