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Sep 11

Benefits of Investing in Gold Funds

Why invest in gold? Gold, the most precious metal of all, is also a popular form of investment. The savings come handy, for instance, during your daughter’s wedding. Investors can make the most out of its appreciating value potential without going through the hassles of physically possessing it, through Gold ETFs and Fund of Funds (FoFs). Better still, one may invest a small amount through SIP in Gold FoFs. So invest now and enjoy its growth potential. Gold Fund is an open ended Fund of Fund scheme,Read More
May 18

Before buying Mutual Fund

Important Parameters to look at, before buying a Mutual Fund   OBJECTIVE:  What is your goal? Your objective could be long-term, such as retirement, or short term, like kid’s higher studies or buying a property. It is important thatRead More
Apr 5

Advantages of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is similar to a Recurring Deposit. Every month on a specified date an amount you choose is invested in a mutual fund scheme. You’ll be amazed to learn about the many advantages of investing through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Disciplined Investment Through a sip in mutual fund, an investor pledges to invest a fixed amount of money on a monthly basis in a mutual fund scheme for aRead More