How to Monitor and Review your Mutual Fund

5 Apr    Mutual Fund

The internet made for investing. Along with delivering information, the internet provides one of the best financial resources. The thing is how you are using the same.

Having made an investment in a mutual fund, you should monitor it to see whether its management and performance is in line with stated objectives and also whether its performance exceeds or lags your expectations.

A review of the investment is important like a regular check up to doctor.

You might need to sell or switch your investment because of the following reasons

-Scheme changes its objective and strategy

-Fund poor performance

-As you grown older you adopt a more conservative investment approach so in that case you have to review and change the scheme.

We provide access to your portfolio of Mutual Funds so that you can review your portfolio by your self at the same time we also closely look into your objective and investment strategy that scheme is following, how you can review your portfolio for the sample you can click here.

In these reports you can get a composite review of all your investments done in any Mutual fund from the available more then 35  Mutual Funds in India at the same time you can have these review of the investment made in any of member of your family you will have at the same place in single login access. All these services are backed by us, with any query related to anything about your investment with us.

So it will be right to say that one contact number and one email for all 34 mutual fund company query solutions. Please feel free to contact us

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