Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does one become a corpusmoney client?

Simple, just send a mail to or click here (to connect directly on WHATSAPP) and we can get started.

Who can become a corpusmoney client?

Any individual:
He/She doesn’t have to be earning.
He/She doesn’t need big earnings.

Do you have any other branch

Yes we do branches in almost every city to complete your KYC and other formalities.

Are you registered with SEBI?

Of course!

Do you have any mobile app?

Yes, you track all your investment on the go on mobile app, also you can able to do online transaction also.

Difference between My Universe, Moneycontrol, FundsIndia, ICICI?

The solutions we provide are not an automated service – it is a very personalized service where our team would personally analyze your details and prepare a financial plan for your unique situation, others are budgeting/expense tracking tool.

Is my data secure?

We are certified by DIGICERT, SSL-128 bit encryption algorithm to secure all our client information, which is the same data security used by banks.
Due to data security, nobody can access your financial data. Only you and the assigned Certified Financial Planner can access your data
When you sign up with us, the terms and conditions and privacy policy talks about data security.