Category: New Offering

Apr 18

HSBC Brazil Fund

HSBC Brazil Fund Apr 15 – Apr 29, 2011 An open ended Fund of Funds Scheme 95-100% Units/shares of HGIF Brazil Equity Fund 0-5% Money Market Instruments including CBLO & Reverse Repo
Apr 7

Canara Robeco Debt Fund

Canara Robeco Yield Advantage Fund NFO Date : Apr 01 – Apr 15, 2011 An open ended debt fund 90-100% Indian Debt and Money Market Instruments 0-10% Equity and Equity Related Instruments
Apr 5


HDFC Mutual Fund has launched a new fixed term fund named as HDFC Fixed Maturity Plan 182 Days April 2011 (1), under HDFC Fixed Maturity Plans – Series XVII, a close-ended income scheme. The duration of the scheme will be 182 days. NFO Opening Date: 5 April 2011 NFO Closing Date: 7 April 2011