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Sep 11

Buying a real Gold?

Are you buying gold or a yellow-coloured metal?

Gold prices have surged and how. With festival season just round the corner, many are seen making a beeline to buy the yellow metal. But, hold, are you sure you are buying gold and not a yellow-coloured metal? The Bureau of Indian Standards under the Consumer Affairs Ministry has until March issued just 9,156 hallmark licences. Compared with the number of jewellers across the country, this is minuscule and you are in serious danger of buying sub-standard gold. In fact, a survey by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) under the Consumer Affairs Ministry held across 16 cities found thatRead More
Sep 11

Benefits of Investing in Gold Funds

Why invest in gold? Gold, the most precious metal of all, is also a popular form of investment. The savings come handy, for instance, during your daughter’s wedding. Investors can make the most out of its appreciating value potential without going through the hassles of physically possessing it, through Gold ETFs and Fund of Funds (FoFs). Better still, one may invest a small amount through SIP in Gold FoFs. So invest now and enjoy its growth potential. Gold Fund is an open ended Fund of Fund scheme,Read More
Sep 11

Different ways to buy physical gold and what to keep in mind

We take a look at the different ways to buy physical gold and some important things you should know before purchasing it through each of these routes. GOLD COINS, BARS AND JEWELLERY Jewellery can be bought from any reputed jeweler while banks sell gold coins and bars now. The single-most important thing to check is the product's 'Assay Certification', indicating quality. When buying coins and bars, make sureRead More
Sep 11

Why Invest in Gold

We love gold, almost every Indian home has a little of it. For centuries, gold has remained an auspicious gift, whether it's for a new born baby or for a newly married couple. We all know how gold gets passed down generations and has proved to be a good investment over decades. No wonder, India is world's largest consumer of gold. Gold's most enduringRead More