AMC/ Mutual Fund Charges on Selling the Mutual Fund

5 Apr    Mutual Fund

The charges that might be deducted from your redemption amount is

  1. STT: As per the Financial Year 10-11 mutual fund have to pay STT from the sale amount, this charges are .25% of the total amount. For Example if you are withdrawing 100000/- from your investment then the STT would be 100000*.25%= 250/-
  2. Exit Load: The exit load is depends on scheme to scheme but most of the equity schemes are charging on the basis of the duration of your investment.

For Ex.: If you redeem your investment before completion of 6 months then the exit load may be 1% of the amount or if you redeem after 6months but before completion of 1 year then the charges may be .5% of the amount. And if you redeem after completion of 1 year then there is no load.

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